Ezy-Push Pillar Tap - Timeflow

Product Code: 368696

Ezy-Push® Timeflow Pillar Tap are a reliable choice for conserving water and energy. The design of these taps allows water to flow for approximately 6 seconds, making them an ideal solution for public amenities such as sporting clubs, recreational facilities, schools and beachside amenities.


  • Clean hygienic design
  • Water saving
  • Vandal resistant
  • Easy to operate
  • Low maintenance
  • Supplied with hot (red), warm (yellow) and cold (blue) buttons, depending on the requirement
  • Smooth round design to facilitate easy cleaning and help reduce dirt and bacterial growth.

Important Information:

  • Times are factory set and tested at 500kPa at 22ºC with a 5LPM flow regulator. Times may vary between -30% and +20% depending on water temperature, available flow and pressure.
  • It is recommended that line strainers are fitted to the service line, and flushed prior to installation, as debris will affect the performance of the cartridge.


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