Philanthropy and Community

Galvin Engineering supports initiatives that contribute to the community, and undertakes to donate to numerous charities during the year. In this regard, an Environmental / Community Committee has been formed of employees from different departments in the Company, and one of its roles is to promote philanthropic and community initiatives.

The main charities the Company currently donates to on an annual basis, include but are not limited to:

  • St Vincent De Paul
  • Caritas Australia
  • Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
  • Breast Cancer Foundation of Western Australia
  • 2 other employee chosen tax deductible government approved charities

The Company is also proud to support the following community contributions:

  • Blood Donations: We are a proud 'Club Red' corporate blood donor for The Australian Red Cross Blood Service. This involves many employees and management donating blood quarterly as a corporate group.
  • Company Organised Activities: Involvement in activities such as Volunteer Task Force, Movember, Purple Bra Day and Jeans for Genes.
  • Charitable Leave: Any employees who wish to undertake charitable work for suitable charities or community groups, are to be encouraged in every way, including where appropriate, the allowing of paid or unpaid time off work in order to do so. In this regard, the Company is prepared to match annual leave taken for approved charitable purposes on a one for one basis, up to a total of one extra weeks paid leave.
  • Work Experience: We support school based work experience and welcome students through programs such as In-Step.
  • Disabled Work Programs: are supported at Galvin Engineering where practical and safe. The employment of disabled or disadvantaged people is encouraged.
  • Sponsorship: We welcome the opportunity to sponsor employee involvement in activities that benefit the community and promote fun, unity, health and well being.
  • Skills: the employment of apprentices is undertaken partly as a community service. Training of our employees is also viewed as an opportunity to improve people's quality of life and sense of achievement.