CliniMix Inwall Progressive Shower Mixer with GalvinCare Handle

Product Code: WM-TMVPMSCS

This new design may be used in shower applications and, provides state of the art features to comply with healthcare requirements.

The GalvinCare lever handle operates on/off temperature controls for straight forward operation. Suitable for high and low pressure systems it can be set to deliver a thermostatically controlled water temperature of 45ºC maximum.


  • Enables water to be mixed closer to the point of discharge, minimising stagnant warm water which provides ideal conditions legionella bacteria to grow.
  • Smooth internal components and body, reduces scale build-up and bacteria growth
  • Maximum temperature limiter fitted for protection from accidental scalding.
  • The GalvinCare control handle is easy to use, and minimises ligature risk.
  • Water flow starts from cold ensuring safe usage.
  • Clean smooth lines which facilitates fast and easy cleaning and coordinate well our current ranges of healthcare taps
  • All servicing and commissioning can be done without removing the device. Easy access isolators, help minimise time spent on commissioning and maintenance.
  • Designed to provide stable mixed temperature with rapid shut down in the event of cold or hot water supply failure.
  • Approved to: AS/NZS 4032.1:2005 and complies with
  • AS/NZS 4032.4


As the handle is rotated anti-clockwise from the off position the delivered water progresses from cold through warm to the preset maximum temperature.



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