ProLab Special Water

ProLab® is a quality range of laboratory taps and gas turrets developed to provide safe and functional fittings that supports the day to day challenges of modern research laboratories.

ProLab® Special Water is used in laboratories where the water supply may be treated to ensure maximum purity. This is critical for certain experiments where contaminants in the water must be avoided.

Special water becomes the catchall phrase for water which is either deionised, distilled or purified, however it can become chemically aggressive and normal brass fittings will quickly corrode.

Our special water fittings systems use materials designed and tested for use with treated water and all our components are selected to ensure maximum corrosion resistance. As well as protecting the fittings, which ensures years of problem-free operation, our fittings for special water are designed with componentry and technologies to safeguard the water supply. This means treated water provided through our tapware is not contaminated or changed in anyway.

Used by professionals in industries including education, health or industrial chemical sectors, ProLab® Special Water fittings offer great performance, durability, easy operation and flexibility along with an easy to clean and attractive appearance.


  • Solid brass forged and machined bodies
  • Ergonomic handle design and posititoning
  • International code compliant
  • Universal long live controllers 
  • Clean sleek lines
  • Easy cleaning
  • Chemical resistant

Special water systems can achieve purity
in a number of ways including:

  • Demineralisation (boiling)
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Treatment with UV light
  • Ultra filtration
  • Desalination